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1、表述吃和健康的关系:Eat carrots, all of nothing.
吃了胡萝卜,百病化乌有 。
2、表述多吃无益:Good food but food, wine is not excessive.
好菜不过食,美酒不过量 。
3、表述吃要讲究搭配:Bean curd with kelp, often eat in addition to disease.
豆腐配海带,常吃除病害 。
4、表述早起喝水的重要性:Morning from a glass of water, to the old do not regret.
晨起一杯水,到老不后悔 。
5、表述吃青菜的重要性:Often eat turnip vegetables, what disease does not harm.
常吃萝卜菜,啥病也不害 。
6、表述狗肉多吃有害:Dog roll three roll, the immortal stand.
狗肉滚三滚,神仙站不稳 。
7、表述吃青菜的好处:Turnip cabbage soup, Yishou health.
白菜萝卜汤,益寿保健康 。

8、表述吃五谷杂粮的好处:This fine grain, coarse run stomach.
精粮合口味,粗粮润肠胃 。
9、表述吃辣椒的好处:Hot chili peppers, and food to help digestion.
辣椒尖又辣,增食助消化 。
10、表述吃猕猴桃的好处:Mouth drink heart irritability, porridge and kiwi.
口喝心烦躁,粥加猕猴桃 。

1、The words about food contains vegetables, fruits, drinks, meat and others.有关食物的单词包括蔬菜、水果、饮料、肉类等 。
【求几句关于美食的英文格言】2、My favourite food is apples. Do you know why? Let me tell you. 我最喜欢的食物是苹果 。
你知道是为什么吗?让我告诉你 。
3、Not every day cream cakes instead of long fat man.没有天天吃奶油蛋糕而不长胖的人 。
4、An apple a day, keep the doctor away.一天一个苹果,医生远离我 。
5、I don't want junk food anymore. I'd like to try some healthy foods. 我再也不想吃垃圾食品了 。
我想吃点健康的食物 。
6、Healthy foods are more and more unpopular among pupils. 小学生越来越不喜欢健康食品 。
7、Healthy foods don't include most snacks as they are high in suger. 大多数零食都不是健康食品,因为它们含糖量太高 。
8、 It's time for you to swap your chips for a healthier diet. 你不能再吃薯条了,应该吃点健康食品 。
9、Eat to live,but not live to eat.吃饭是为了生存,但生存不是为了吃饭 。
10、Radish and ginger keep away from doctor.冬吃萝卜夏吃姜,不劳医生开药方 。

Every year the world wastes enough food to fill a bin 1.2km wide, 1.2 km deep and 2.1 km tall. Such a bin would makes the worlds tallest buildings look like matchsticks (see above). About three quarters of this waste occurs before food is ever sold, during production, post-harvest, processing and distribution. The food we waste in our homes totals about 50kg a person each year, and rises to as much as 100kg a year in some wealthy countries. This is the equivalent of pushing every trolley of food strait into a skip. Your home could easily spend as much as $1,000 a year on edible food that is never eaten. In the US the average is $900 a year, in the UK it's £700 and in Australia it's over $1,000! We don't waste food on purpose, but somehow between the demands of our busy lives and being bombarded with food on sale we've gotten in the habit of wasting a colossal amount of food. Here are five simple hacks to help you save food in your home. 1) Plan for perishables About half of household food waste occurs due to things not being consumed in time (or people being squeamish about dates). This food waste is dominated by bread, fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and pre-made meals. Any person that runs a busy home plans meals each week. But when it comes to stopping food waste the key is to plan for perishables. If you've got too much dry spaghetti or tinned tomatoes in the cupboard its really doesn't matter. But when you buy stuff that will go of in a week you need a plan to eat it or store it soon. Love Food Hate Waste have some cool menu planning tools. 2) Love your freezer, fight your fridge The refrigerator has a mystical ability to dissapear food from your consciousness. With the best intensions in the world we put things in the fridge to 'eat later', only to bin them when we eventually journey to the back row. Getting in the habit of moving the food in your fridge is a good one. And if you can freeze something, then do consider it. Food stored in freezers is far more likely to be eaten eventually than things in a fridge. If you are tempted by 'buy one get one free offers' then checking that they can be frozen is a useful thing to do. 3) Quickly measure portions The second half of household food waste arises due to preparing more than we eat. For things like cereals, rice, pasta just having a very simple measuring cup or scale that takes 5 seconds can do wonders to reduce 'plate waste'. It is also much easier to add a little something to a meal if you're still peckish, so experimenting with smaller portions is a good one. 4) Grocery shop online Have you every noticed that the closer you get to the checkout the more sweets and treats you see. Supermarkets are well studied in helping you buy food you don't need or isn't good for. It's even worse if you shop while hungy. Somehow, due to the magic of the internet that allure is quite there online. Sitting on a computer, checking the fridge and cupboards it always seems much easier to buy the food you actually need. I'm sure this isn't for everyone, but it sure does work in our house. 5) Upcycle your scraps Stale bread plus garlic equals garlic bread. Bubble and squeak can be nicer than a roast. Old bananas make bread, smoothies, cakes . . When you have moment, grab any food that looks like it is going to be wasted soon. Put it on your kitchen bench, and invent a new meal. You will amaze yourself! This post is based the continuing feedback from our How to Save Money of Food by Wasting Less video series. The overwhelming lesson thus far has been that most effective strategies are the ones that are the simplest to implement.每年世界浪费了足够的食物来填满一个垃圾箱宽 1.2 公里、 深度 1.2 公里及 2.1公里高 。